Battle of the DJs: call for submissions

Battle of the DJs_submissions


Bad Mambo is on a quest to find new, exciting and untapped Nairobi DJs to accompany us on our journey through the colourful nightscape we are helping form in this city of ours.

As such we will be running a one night only DJ competition that will be held at the Alchemist Bar on Friday the 22nd of April.

How does it work?

We intend to preselect between twelve and fifteen DJs to compete on the night. In order to do this, we will spend the next few weeks accepting submissions from far and wide and will make sure every submission is given a fair hearing. We will announce our preferred candidates in the weeks before the event.

On the night we will have six judges on hand to assess and vote on each individual DJ’s performance. The judges will mainly be professional DJs who know what to look for in a set. There will be three phases of the competition with each DJ being initially allotted a twenty minute slot. The pool of competitors will be halved after each stage.

From twelve DJs we will go down to six and from six we will go down to three. The wining DJ will play a total of three twenty minute sets on the night.

Each DJ will be judged according to their music selection, mixing technique and showmanship. First, second and third prizes will be assigned to the highest scoring competitors.

First prize will be a cash prize while second and third are to be determined.

What are we looking for?

Here at Bad Mambo we believe that Nairobi is saturated with EDM music and tribal/deep/afro/tropical house DJs… as such we are asking artists to avoid submitting repetitive 4×4 sets but instead to focus on wowing us with eclectic, funky, broken and far out electronic music and mixes.

It doesn’t have to all be electronic: have an amazing beat you discovered from an little known benga star? Add it into the mix! Want to mix some highlife with a dash of kuduro and some Aphex Twin thrown in for good measure? Go for it!

We are looking for eclectic, we are looking for well researched, we are looking to be wowed and surprised by your amazing selection and execution.

How to submit?

Easy! Email us a soundcloud/mixcloud link or a youtube link or simply send an MP3 to or to our FB inbox.

Now get mixing!




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