Mungo’s HiFi vs. Bad Mambo mixtape

bad mambo mixtape

A clash of sonic civilisations…

a meeting of enhanced minds in a cloudy Westlands studio…

a Scotsman, a couple of Englishmen, 2 Ugandans and a whole heap of Kenyans…

in a beefy explosion of bass, soul, snare, rap, horn, calypso, dancehall and more bass.

Music by Mungo’s HiFi, featuring Baba Message, Baqi, Binti Afrika, Blessed San, Charlie P, Heartical Spence, Khusta, Mic Crenshaw, Nazizi, Omutaba, Ondi and Shoeshine Boy.

Mixed and produced by DJ SkaFace, alongside Doug Mungo’s.

Special thanks to Ngalah Davies (Boxhouse Media, NRB), Fred Olsen, Bwayo Moses, Douglas Rori, Hiram Kamau, Katy, Kahiu, DJ Heartical, all the artists / techs involved, Ronjey (NRB Underground) for the photo and all the people who supported the Mungo’s East Africa tour last year. Big up yourselves!

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