Media Accreditation for Joss Stone Live in Kenya


Media Requests

Please note there are only a small number of media accreditations approved. Preference will be given to those who are supporting and promoting Joss Stone Live In Kenya in the lead­up to the event. Thank you to those who have been spreading the word about her first ever performance in  Eastern Africa

Please ensure you read through the Media Accreditation Conditions below prior to submitting your application.

Media Accreditation Conditions

Media accreditation is reserved for members of the press (print, radio, TV, film, news agencies and online media) who represent a legitimate media organisation. Freelancers will not be accredited unless they are assigned by a recognised media organisation and meet all other media requirements.

On arrival to the concert, you must check in at the entrance of the concert at the ticket booth at the main gate. On presentation of photo identification you will be allocated your media accreditation. Accreditation must be worn and displayed at all times.

All media passes are strictly personal and non­transferable. If changes to the person accredited need to be made, please contact the Media Liaison to organise. Abuse of these passes will result in the cancellation and removal of the accreditation for everyone from the publication.

Media & photographers are not permitted in backstage areas unless escorted by a member of the Joss Stone Live In Kenya team. Under no circumstances should media personnel walk through the backstage area. Should this occur or should media/photographers not follow directions of concert staff/security, we reserve the right to immediately cancel accreditation and revoke all concert  access.

Photographers are permitted access to the area between the main stage and the crowd barrier­ but must be escorted by a member of the festival team. As the barrier is provided primarily to assist security in crowd control and patron safety, photographers must be aware of the crowd activity and security at all times. Security and staff instructions must be adhered to at all times. The Media liaison team will advise media & photographers of any other requirements or restrictions in regards to artist performances.

Media & photographers must comply with the conditions of entry to the festival . The sale of images taken at the concert is strictly prohibited, unless permitted in writing by Bad mambo Productions.

A copy of all photographic/broadcasted material should be forwarded to Bad Mambo Productions by the 7th of December 2016. All material to be submitted in a published format, and all digital media coverage to be supplied.

A breach of the guidelines, or the refusal to follow the direction of concert officials and security, will result in the forfeit of your media accreditation and removal from the concert site. Contact our Media Liaison at for any queries.

Follow the link below to apply for media accreditation.

Click Here to Apply

MEDIA ACCREDITATION applications will close on November 18th.

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