Who in the World is Joss Stone?

Joss Stone has one of the deepest and most soulful voices of our generation and it’s hard not to be captivated by the raw emotion she infuses into each and every song she makes hers.

With her great talent comes excellent taste and dare we say an unwavering passion for real music. This is visible not only from her own albums but from her choices of songs to cover and artists to collaborate with. Damian Marley and Mick Jagger were definitely onto something when they decided to include her in their one-off supergroup SuperHeavy back in 2011.



It’s easy to get lost in all the accolades though and what does knowing that someone won 3 Grammy awards and has sold 14 million albums worldwide really tell us about them?

Joss Stone is currently about a third of the way through her Total World Tour which kicked off in April 2014 and has so far seen her perform in countries that go from Morocco to Dubai, Southern Africa and the Antipodes. In a recent email she joked that one of the reasons she was inspired to undertake such a massive feat was simply because everyone told her she could never succeed. Aiming to not only tour but also learn something from every one of her Total World Tour performances, Joss has made a point collaborating with local artists at every stop of the way and visiting charities which she feels reflect her life ethos. She has visited very many animal charities over the course of her tours and, if this and her devotion to her dogs is anything to go by, it would appear that animal welfare is one of her biggest passions.

It’s hard not to wonder how Joss survives the pressure of what can only be a grueling and never ending schedule. She comes across as extremely focused on clean vegetarian living and stocks up on healthy snacks throughout the day. She does admit though that her favourite dish is called Beany pancakes, a dish which she describes as a baked wrap of beans and cheese, rolled in a crepe and covered in passata and more cheese. This was her favourite food growing up she says and it is so simple to make it is still a staple in her life.

When she’s not recording and performing she currently spends a lot of time listening to the British Indian Nitin Sawhney who she loves because of his eclectic range of songs and styles. Her scheduled collaboration here in Kenya is being kept under wraps and we can only guess which one of our local artists she will decide to work with.

Her current album Water For Your Soul – her seventh studio album, was released on July 31, 2015 and was the #1 US Reggae album the week when it came out.The Album is a fusion of reggae rhythms, hip hop beats and Her trademark R&B vocals – all topped off with Irish fiddles, gospel choirs, tablas, flamenco guitar, and other sonic souvenirs from her trek. It also includes collaborations with legendary artists like Damian Marley and Barrington Levy.

Experience the power of a Joss Stone performance in person this Saturday the 26th of November at the Purdy Arms in Karen. If you still haven’t gotten a ticket make haste, as numbers are limited and there’s a chance they my have sold out on the day of the event.



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