Who We Are Not

We are not commercial

We are an events company and we believe in promoting artists on their merits. Our selection criteria is not purely commercial.

We are not exclusive

Everyone is welcome to our nights; we try and keep entry prices realistic and we balance the more costly gigs with cheaper alternatives. As much as possible we prefer not to do ‘VIP’ sections (although this isn’t always in our control).

We are not looking for hand-outs

We are happy to work with partners to enable us to promote good music and film, but we aim above all for self-sufficiency, balancing more popular acts with underground / upcoming artists

We are not thieves or exploiters

We pay artists according to how much money was made from the performance. We do not pay ourselves until all of our artists and crew have been paid.

We are not just events promoters

We are cultural producers and artists who also promote events; we actively assist in the development of artists by providing a platform and (hopefully) a modest income; we have studios in Nairobi and Kampala for rehearsals and recording.

4 thoughts on “Who We Are Not

  1. You guys have done some memorable shows in the past year undeniably. I’m glad that you have actually been bold enough to come out and make a clear statement about the exploitation that is practiced against 98% of us musicians by promoters and NGO’s who are making a killing by killing us softly. Looking forward to experiencing a new inclusion of underground artists from across Kenya. IN a nation of 44 million we can’t only have 44 artists circulating through the nightlife. Big up bless


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